Summer’s Here! Do I need to shave my Dances With Wolves Ranch Berger Blanc Suisse dog?

When summer arrives, we at Dances with Wolves Ranch are asked if owners should shave their Berger Blanc Suisse dog. Shaving a single-coat breed such as a poodle works well but Berger Blanc Suisse dogs have a double coat. You should never shave a double-coated breed. Double-coated breeds have natural insulation which is good in both the winter and summer. In the winter, the long hair provides protection against snow, ice, and rain whereas the undercoat stays dry and keeps the Berger Blanc … [Read more...]

Do I Clean My Dog’s Teeth by Dances with Wolves Ranch

Do I Need to Clean My Dog's Teeth? Dog teeth need to be cared for just like human teeth. Many people tend to overlook the oral aspect of dog hygiene but it's essential to canine health. However, improper care of your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog’s teeth can result in more than just stinky breath. Bad oral hygiene can result in medical issues such as infection, gingivitis, painful abscesses, and even tooth loss. There are a few ways you can make sure your pet is getting proper dental care. … [Read more...]

The Truth About Meat Bones by Dances with Wolves Ranch

Should I Give My Dog a Meat Bone? It seems intuitive that dogs would enjoy and benefit from chewing on bones. However, chewing bones can actually pose a serious health risk for your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog. It’s important to follow the detailed safety rules when giving your dog any kind of chew toy, and especially bones. The first rule is that you should never give your dog cooked bones. Cooked bones such as table scraps of chicken bones are very unsafe for your dog and often result in … [Read more...]

Home Remedies for Dogs by Dances with Wolves Ranch

Home Remedies For Dogs The best and safest way to treat any pet illness is to go to your veterinarian for their professional opinion and pet care. However, home remedies can be a solution if your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog is dealing with a familiar or mild ailment. Check in with your vet to make sure your home remedy is safe and effective for your pet before applying it. Stomach Issues If your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog has an upset stomach, then there are some foods that can help calm … [Read more...]

Dealing with Dog Breath by Dances with Wolves Ranch

Dealing with Dog Breath Dog’s don’t tend to have minty fresh breath, but if your dog’s breath has gotten so strong you can smell it from far away or you can't stand to be near him, then there may be a bigger problem. Bad dog breath is a sign that your dog has an unhealthy mouth, often signaling disease or bad diet. The best way to identify the problem is to check with your vet for an official diagnosis or even get a professional dental cleaning. However, in the meantime, there are some home … [Read more...]

Bringing a New Dog Home by Dances with Wolves Ranch

Bringing a New Dog Home Bringing a new Dances with Wolves Ranch dog home can be very exciting for you and your family, but it can actually be very stressful for your current dog. If you don't take the correct steps and closely monitor the new dog’s introduction, it can result in tension and even fighting between your pets. The way that your current dog reacts to the newcomer completely depends on his personality. If your dog tends to be aggressive, territorial, or doesn't get along well with … [Read more...]

What Fruits Can I Feed My Dog by Dances with Wolves Ranch

Fruits and vegetables are typically a healthy addition to any human diet. However, this is not always the case for animals. Pet owners often like to feed their dogs scraps from the table or use human food as treats. While some fruits and vegetables are safe for your Dances with Wolves Ranch puppy, others can be harmful. Dogs have different digestive systems than humans and you need to be careful with the fruits and vegetables you offer your pet. This is especially true for puppies who have even … [Read more...]

Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears by Dances with Wolves Ranch

When to Clean Your Dog’s Ears Having clean ears is an important part of your dog’s health and grooming routine. Typically, your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog shouldn’t need any special ear cleaning unless there is a problem. If you overclean your dog’s ears or use the wrong materials, it could actual harm more than help. If your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog has particularly sensitive ears or if he spends a lot of time in the water you may need to consider ear cleaning. Otherwise, the only … [Read more...]

Why is My Dog Licking His Paws by Dances with Wolves Ranch

  Why is My Dog Licking His Paws? Most of the time when your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog licks his paws, it is simply part of his normal grooming process. Dogs often dogs lick their paws when they are done eating or after they come inside from somewhere wet or dirty. However, if your dog starts to lick his paws more than normal then something could be wrong. Obsessive paw licking can be linked to either health or behavior issues. One of the most common reasons dogs lick their paws … [Read more...]

Disciplining Your Dog by Dances with Wolves Ranch

How to Discipline Your Dog Proper training is an essential part of having any dog. Training involves teaching your dog the difference between good behaviors and bad behaviors. This is taught through a combination of rewards and discipline. Dances with Wolves Ranch dogs are quick learners and pick up on even the smallest cue. So, it's important to discipline your dog in the correct way and with the right timing to create good habits and curb the bad ones. Methods of Discipline First, there are … [Read more...]