Puppy Behaviors by Age by Dances with Wolves Ranch

Dances with Wolves Ranch

Creating Positive Experiences

When your White Swiss Shepherd puppy gets home from Dances with Wolves Ranch around 8 weeks, they are at the perfect age to adjust to changes in their environment, bond with people, and begin training. It’s the ideal time to get them used to their new home and family away from Dances with Wolves Ranch. From 8 to 10 weeks your puppy will be very impressionable and easily afraid of things. It’s important that you begin to socialize your puppy and create positive experiences with other people, animals, and situations.

Starting Your Puppy’s Training

From 8 to 16 weeks is the perfect time to start training your White Swiss Shepherd. Positive reinforcement and treats are the best training tactics instead of punishment, so keep him on a leash and try to make sure that all experiences with training and new situations are positive. As a result, your puppy will begin to gain confidence. Around week 12 he will start to find his place in your household and develop his routine.

From 4 to 6 months your White Swiss Shepherd puppy will grow in independence and confidence and become more curious. Take your puppy everywhere with you to strengthen your bond and socialize him. Meanwhile, around this time your puppy will start teething, so it will become important to puppy-proof the house and find toys that will satisfy his urge to chew.

From 6 to 12 months your puppy will need a lot of stimulation and companionship. They will be high energy and their attention span will be short. Make sure they have many opportunities to play and exercise and have toys to chew on and occupy their mind. From 12 to 18 months your White Swiss Shepherd will begin to develop more physical and emotional maturity and confidence.

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