Preparing Your Puppy for Their First Week in a New Home by Dances with Wolves Ranch

Dances with Wolves Ranch

Preparing Your Home for the New Puppy

The first week that your new Berger Blanc Suisse puppy (aka White Swiss Shepherd) moves out of Dances with Wolves Ranch and into your house is exciting. However, it can also be difficult and stressful for you, your family, and your young puppy. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can plan to make the transition from Dances with Wolves Ranch to your home easier.

Before your new puppy arrives, you’ll need to prepare your house to make sure that your White Swiss Shepherd will be comfortable in their new home away from Dances with Wolves Ranch. A good idea is to have a family meeting to make sure that everybody is on the same page. It’s important to decide who is going to be the main caretaker of the puppy. Who is going to feed the dog? Who is going to let the dog out? It’s also important to make sure everyone understands the rules of the house. Is the dog allowed on the bed? Are any rooms off-limits?

Make sure you have all of your supplies ready and prepare your house. Young puppies love to chew, so you’ll want to create a cornered off living area so they stay away from anything that could harm them. Once your White Swiss Shepherd is home there will be an adjustment period where you’ll want to keep things mellow and set up a routine for play time, meals, bathroom breaks, and exercise.

Training and Socialization

After you take your Berger Blanc Suisse puppy to the vet for his last set of shots, you might think about enrolling him into a puppy training class or puppy socialization program. Even if your puppy has already gone through the Dances with Wolves Puppy Academy Training Program it’s a good idea to continue socializing and building on that training.

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