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Polar Wind Dances With Wolves “Wind”


dww young adults white shepherd

Occasionally, I select a puppy from one of my litters that has special qualities for service and therapy dog training and, in this case, as a potential part of my breeding program.  Last winter, I selected Wind because of his exceptional disposition and perfect confirmation.   

It is my hope that he will become part of our breeding program at some point and hopefully also serve as a service or therapy dog.   He would also make an amazing family dog as he loves children.  Wind’s new owner will need to agree that Wind will be available for evaluation and, afterwards, for occasional breeding in our program.  

Wind is a “top 1%’ specimen for this breed.  This Spring in Budapest, his half brother was crowned the #1 White Swiss Shepherd in the World (FCI). 

At eight months, Wind is over 80 pounds so he will be a large dog.  Despite his size, Wind is extremely athletic and agile.   This dog can do anything;  from herding to agility to therapy.   He is a LOT of fun and loves to work but he can also settle down quickly and lay quietly under a table in a restaurant or movie theater.   His coat will be long pure white and his pigment is extremely dark (including rare all-black nails). 

Wind’s training thus far includes:

  • Went through our “Puppy Academy” training and beyond. 
  • Fully potty trained and crate trained (sleeps 12 hours at night)
  • Currently in training as a service dog (restaurants, movie theatres, malls)
  • Fully socialized with people and animals (dogs, horses, goats, chickens, cats, pigs)
  • “Walk”, “sit”, “down”, “wait” (stay)
  • Walks on leash
  • Full control off leash
  • Walks next to shopping cart and when cart stops, he sits, waits
  • “Watches” at attention on command
  • Likes to fetch  
  • Loves swimming
  • Good with bath and grooming


dww young adults Berger Blanc Suisse


dww young adults white german shepherd


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dww young adult white german shepherd 2

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