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 Professional Starter Training for Your New Puppy
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This foPuppy Academy Dances With Wolvesur week program is designed for new puppy buyers who would like to get a head start training a puppy before it go
es home.  We begin professionally training your puppy at eight weeks of age. You will forgo the messes in the house and skip the whining stage as the puppy is separated from mom and siblings. With our starter training it will be a mu
ch more pleasant transition for the puppy and for your family and you can finish training at home using the foundation that we have built for you.

Beginning at eight weeks old, the puppies are separated from their litter mates and move into our house where they will begin learning basic living skills.  In our home they will be potty trained, crate trained and will learn basic obedience skills such as: walk on a leash, come, sit, stay, down, and wait.  We teach the pups a number of things they should not do:  bite at hands, feet or clothes or jump up on people. During the course of obedience training, your pup will also learn to be groomed.  We will start teaching them the concept of right and wrong and the commands and queues that go along with this.  Perhaps most important, we place strong emphasis on socialization and social skills.
Your PUPPY ACADEMY student will learn to ride in a car, go on field trips to the grocery store, pick up kids at school, go to outdoor malls, etc.  He or she will learn how to calmly lie under your feet at a restaurant. As we live on a small family ranch, your PUPPY ACADEMY student will be comfortable around goats, chickens, cats, horses and other dogs.  The first few months of any puppies life is critical for developing confidence and manners; our goal is to give your puppy the maximum exposure to different people, animals and environments.

Note:  while with us, your puppy will have a conceptual understanding and great head start on all the skills listed above.   However, every puppy is unique and all puppies have a short attention span just like young children!   For instance, your puppy will learn basic potty training while with us, but exposure to a new home with new surfaces may create initial confusion for the puppy, so you’ll have to reinforce what he has learned at our PUPPY ACADEMY.   Our goal is that your puppy will understand the concepts and the meaning of commands so that he will respond well to your continuous education when home with you.


List of skills / activities we teach at our PUPPY ACADEMY:
  • initial potty training / potty on command
  • crate training
  • not to chew on furniture or people’s hands and clothing
  • to be handled / groomed
  • walk on leash
  • sit
  • down
  • wait
  • come when called
  • not to jump on people
  • ride in a car
  • thorough socialization and exposure to children, farm & exotic animals
  • daily playtime at our puppy agility area
  • in summer, exposure to water and swim-time in our pool
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