Fire-and-Ice Du Bois Des Ternes ‘ICE’

Import France

Ice serves as the beginning of my own breeding program. Before he was even ten months old, he already had numerous titles, placements, and awards. His pure white coat and long, thick, double coat make him one of the most beautiful dogs in my program.

After deciding to start my own breeding program, I spent many months researching lineages throughout the world to find the perfect dog to serve as a foundation stud.  After an exhaustive search, I found what I was looking for in France; I found “Ice”.  I imported him into the U.S. at 10 weeks of age.

Ice’s father, Beautiful Angel du Bois des Ternes, is a Champion in many European countries and was the #1 World Champion in 2009.   His perfect score in temperament testing compliments his success in the show ring.

Ice is now following in his father’s footsteps in the U.S.  Before Ice had even turned ten months old, he had already finished two Champion titles, had numerous Group One placements and got one Best in Show(BIS) and two Reserve BIS.  We are so very proud of our boy!

Ice is an absolutely stunning, regal looking animal; he resembles a large Arctic wolf.  His coat is pure white and he has very dark pigment including dark nails. He carries a long thick double coat.

His conformation is somewhat different than what is typical in the US show ring.   He has the original, upright hip angulation of his wild ancestors (as opposed to the over-angulated hind quarters common in the breed today).  There have been no hip dysplasia problems in his ancestry for generations.

Ice has a very easygoing personality.  He is a giant teddy bear; sweet and gentle with people and   animals.  He especially likes children.  Ice is very obedient and likes to please.  His personality and desire to please make him a wonderful family dog; easy to take everywhere.

Ice has achieved certification as a Therapy Dog and spends a lot of his time in school programs, hospital / convalescent homes, and our favorite “Read to a Dog” program at our local library.

Ice also has his AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate (CGC), been tested and certified to have herding instinct.


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