Games to Play with Your New Puppy by Dances with Wolves Ranch

Dances with Wolves Ranch

Puppy Games and Training Your New Puppy

Puppy games are a good way to exercise and bond with your new White Swiss Shepherd puppy from Dances with Wolves Ranch. Puppies tend to have a lot of energy and puppy games are good way to find a healthy outlet for that energy. Puppy games should be a fun, learning experience that last only a few minutes and end before they get bored.

A good first game is tug-of-war, which will help your White Swiss Shepherd puppy know what is okay to chew on and what isn’t. Only use a specific dog toy to play tug-of-war instead of objects around the house like shoes or towels. This game is also a good way to start their training after they leave Dances with Wolves Ranch. For example, the command “drop it.” As soon as they drop the toy, give them a treat and they learn to associate the command with the action.

The next game that you can play with your White Swiss Shepherd is hide and seek. You can hide and see if your puppy can find you, which could be a good way to teach them the command “come.” You can also hide toys or treats and start to teach him the command “find it.”

Water Games and Agility

At Dances with Wolves Ranch, a fun way we get our White Swiss Shepherd puppies used to water is playing in the sprinkler or running hose. They can splash and chase as they realize water isn’t scary, it’s fun. You could also have them play in a kiddie pool filled with a few inches of water to take the first step getting them familiar with swimming and bathing.

The last puppy game involves a bit of agility. You can have them step or jump over small obstacles and give them treats. This is a great way for them to learn basic commands and burn some energy.

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