Dealing with Puppy Separation Anxiety by Dances with Wolves Ranch

Dances with Wolves RanchPuppy Separation Anxiety

When you first get a new puppy from Dances with Wolves Ranch it’s natural to run into some obstacles in their adventure of getting used to a new home. It will be a time of learning for both you and your puppy. Something your puppy may experience when they come to your home is puppy separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a bit more intense than just the occasional whimper or whine when you leave, which is normal for a puppy or even grown dog.

Some signs of puppy separation anxiety include destructive behaviors like chewing, digging, or large-scale accidents in the house. It could also show through behaviors such as salivating a lot, trembling, excessive barking and howling, or pacing. Often puppies with separation anxiety are experts at escaping their kennel, crate, or yard while you’re gone.

Solutions for Puppy Separation Anxiety

A key solution to help your puppy overcome separation anxiety is to invest some time into crate training. The crate will be a quiet, safe space for your dog. They’ll learn to be calm and comfortable both when people are around and when they’re left alone.

Another way to help ease your puppy out of their anxiety is to get them used to seeing you leave. Spend a few days practicing walking in and out of the door, and give your puppy a treat if he remains calm as you leave.

Another key part of working through separation anxiety is making sure your puppy is getting enough exercise. Bored puppies with pent-up energy tend to get into more trouble. At Dances with Wolves Ranch we make sure our puppies are tired out from a good day of walks and playing, so they’re more likely to sleep when left alone rather than spend their time chewing or pacing.

Lastly, remember to never reward your puppy when they are showing any sort of clingy, anxious behavior or bad habits. Although it seems counter intuitive, only comfort your puppy when they are demonstrating good, calm behavior. This ensures you are reinforcing only the good habits, and not the bad ones.

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