dww young adults white shepherd 3

With heavy hearts, we are considering allowing our Christmas to join a new family.   In many ways “Chrissy” is our family favorite.  She always has a smile on her face and is anxious to please!   She loves kids and enjoys jumping and swimming in the pool with the family.  Unfortunately, Christmas had difficulty with her first litter and and can no longer have puppies.  So, we had to bring another female into our breeding program.   So, we don’t have the time that she deserves for fun, play and training.   We would like to find the right family to share her with.

dww young adults white german shepherd 3
 Details about Chrissy:
  • 2 Years Old 
  • Imported from Czech Republic 
  • Fully trained 
  • UKC Champion
  • Unique low / no shed coat: she fully sheds her coat in the Spring and Fall but very little shedding otherwise
  • Especially good with kids
  • Perfect candidate for agility and higher level training 
  • Very good health

Please contact us with any questions: