Breeding Program

Berger Blanc Swiss Champion

We consider all Dances with Wolves puppies to be amongst the highest quality Berger Blanc Suisse (BBS) / White Swiss Shepherds (WSS) in the world. We strictly import dogs into our program that are proven top specimens, usually world champion offspring, with the greatest emphasis on their temperament. In addition, all dogs must come from a lineage with a clean bill of health. When you combine all these attributes, you get the cream of the crop of this breed.
Given that BBS has been a separate breed for more than a decade, we do not breed our dogs to any other breed besides pure BBS animals.  Even though we have the best lines of these animals in our home, our gene-pool is limited; therefore we periodically import new dogs and occasionally we will import frozen semen from the emerging top studs worldwide to enrich our small breeding program. No expense is spared to improve our gene pool.
Winter white shepherd award winning

My dogs and my breeding program are my pride and joy and my hobby. I care deeply about the development of this breed and about each puppy that is raised at our ranch. We choose only the very best homes for our puppies. We do not sell our puppies to pet stores, puppy mills or breeders. Our puppies only go to homes where they will be loved as a family member.

Our focus on service and therapy dogs:
Because of the gentle temperament of the dogs that I have selected for my breeding program, they make ideal service and therapy animals.   Our lead stud, Ice, is an active therapy dog and works with the elderly and with little children.  It is unusual for an intact male to serve in this capacity and it is a testament to the stable and gentle personality of our dogs.   Several of our puppies are now working as service and therapy dogs.  We are proud that one of our dogs serves with a military veteran as a PTSD and seizure service dog.  Our dogs also work as service dogs for transplant and cancer patients and we have several used by psychiatrists in child therapy.
Here are a few facts to know about us:
  •  Our focus is on quality not quantity. Therefore there will only be a few litters offered each year and all of our energy and resources will be spent on those puppies.
  • Our litters can have UKC and FCI registration.  Registration papers will be withheld until we are furnished with proof of spay/neuter. Everyone is required to sign a spay/neuter agreement before picking up a puppy. We have worked very hard to establish our breeding program and take great care that we manage the lineage.  (On occasion I will offer co-ownership on a puppy, from frozen semen litters, to someone living locally, to help broaden the gene-pool in my breeding program in the USA.)
  • All of our puppies are born inside our home surrounded by our kids and family.  When older, puppies have they own playground and daily visit to our agility area.  The will interact daily with all of our ranch animals, the rest of our white pack and all other visitors coming to our ranch. They will be exposed to different surfaces frequently, which is crucial for their future development.  Our Puppy Academy trainees will have additional socialization.
  • We have a very extensive hands-on program. My job is at home caring for my human and non-human family. I am available around the clock for all of their needs.
  • All of our puppies will be under the care of our close family friend veterinarian who makes sure that the puppies are well and up to date with all their medical needs.  Puppies will be dewormed on recommended schedule and will be micro-chipped before they go to their new homes.
  • Our dogs are fed a combination of the highest quality dog food on the market (containing no grains, fillers and additives) and a variety of raw meat and bones.  This includes a daily walk to our chicken house to get a warm freshly laid organic egg.
  • There will be weekly postings of puppy pictures and videos for families to view their puppy’s development in progress.
  • At 7 weeks of age, all puppies will be temperament tested and I will make recommendations for the best match with families. Therefore filling out a puppy questionnaire is very important to assure the best match of a puppy to a family.  Puppies go home to their families at 8 weeks of age.
  • We offer a Puppy Academy option for our families. If you choose that option your puppy will stay with us until they are 12 weeks old and will go through an intense daily training and socialization program.
  • We offer lifelong advice and support for our new puppy families.
  • Because of the care and attention lavished on our puppies, they all leave us healthy, free of parasites and well adjusted. This gives them and their new families the best start on life.
  • It is our goal that getting a puppy from us is a special and memorable experience. We would like to stay in touch for life and be an extended family. We always appreciate photos of our puppies and their new families. We plan to have annual reunions with our new families to hear stories, and to allow puppies to visit with their siblings and parents at occasional play dates.   Please visit our Facebook page and see our Testimonials.