Blizzard Sale


Blizzard has blessed our family as a friend and has added wonderful genes into our breeding program. She is ready to retire to a new forever home.

She is a special dog so we want to find the best possible home for her. We’d like to tell you about her and get to know you if you are interested.

  • Blizzard (“Blizzie”) is an 7 year old spayed female that we imported from Sweden.
  • Before she came to us, she was trained in obedience, tracking and protection.
  • She is in great shape and has a lot of energy, is easy to control and is very obedient.
  • She is great with kids.
  • She loves water and loves to fetch from water.
  • While she gets along with other dogs, she typically ignores them. She is people and work focused so she isn’t necessarily an ideal companion dog for another dog who wants to play.
  • Her joy is to fetching! She takes this job very seriously and can be protective about it, so she shouldn’t be placed in a home with a dog that is as intense as she is. She would get along fine with an easy going male dog who is not interested in fetching.
  • The ideal situation for Blizzie would be an active person or family who wants a companion that will come along anywhere: beach, park, walks, runs, etc. She is mellow at home but she really wants to do some work each day.

If you were interested in having Blizzard as your new family member. Please write something about your self and describe what her life would be like with you. I will review all the emails and get back to you once I am ready to make decision.

Please email me at

Price $1500.

Here is a link to her own webpage: BLIZZARD