Berger Blanc Suisse Dances with Wolves Ranch at America’s Pet Expo 2016

Dances With Wolves RanchDances with Wolves Ranch recently attended the 2016 America’s Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa representing Berger Blanc Suisse demonstrating training sessions: stay, down, eye contact and special appearances representing the breed by Tatanka and Phantom with child presenters Nina and Jake.

“Overall the Berger Blanc Suisse are healthy dogs.  Like any large breed they can come up with problems. Genetically healthy individuals have been selected to start the breed in a good way,” says Ridenour, “They can have sensitive digestive systems so you need to be careful feeding them new food or junk food. They also can experience hip problems like any of the large breed.”

Dances with Wolves Ranch is a premier breeder of Berger Blanc Suisse located in Agua Dulce California and owned and operated by Simona Ridenour. To find out more check out